We’ve Moved!!

We’ve Moved!!

Hello friends:


We have been in the same area in Orange for about 22 years now, and this week we moved right down the street to a better spot.

Please note the new address at the bottom of this newsletter.


The good news this month is that interest rates moved down quite a bit over the last 10 days or so.

This is still a very good time to take advantage of both interest rates and home prices.


And lastly, we are working to create an online presence! We would like you to visit our Facebook pages. Just search Mortgage Technology and Homes Plus Loans. You can also see us on our websites.


And, you can always just pick up the phone and call, if you ever have a question.

We love to help you and your friends.  And, we love to hear from you.






Mortgage Technology

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3024 E. Chapman Ave. #183

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