Looking for a house in this market was difficult enough. First they tell you that it’s easy and a buyer’s market. Then you get excited and plan on purchasing in a range you’re pre-approved for, only to find out the payments are over-budget. I heard this story over and over.

From the beginning, Marty Prince was honest and forthcoming with what we could afford and what our monthly payments would be if we purchased this or that house. Once my husband and I found a house we liked, in what we believed was our price range, we’d call Marty for a monthly payment break-down. He always answered our phone calls and he was with us every step of the way.

With Marty, we figured out exactly what price range would make for a comfortable monthly mortgage payment and that changed our outlook and our search dramatically. All of the sudden we were finding homes we liked, in our price range. Once we found the home we wanted to purchase, Marty really went to bat for us. Not only was he timely and efficient, but he kept us in the loop 100 percent of the time.

We felt informed and in control during a situation that can be intimidating and extremely stressful for first-time homebuyers like us. He worked to get us the best loan. He also worked with our real estate agent and escrow company to make sure everything went smoothly. We felt really comfortable with Marty.

Thanks to his efforts and his staff, buying our house was a great experience. We were fortunate to find him and our real estate agent, who happened to be someone Marty recommended. We owe the success of this transaction to him and we’ll use him again next time!

Marty, thank you so much! You’ve helped us realize one of our life-changing dreams! - Roxi and Francois F.


Marty went above and beyond to get us approved for a home loan. He remained in communication with us throughout the process and made it go right to bring it to a close. - L.L.


We work in the entertainment industry as freelancers. We were concerned about getting a loan and then we were told about Marty Prince, he understands our industry and walked us through each step of getting a loan for our first house. - Alexandra


Thank you Marty and Sue! You helped make our wish come true! It was a pleasure working with you. - Laura


My sister and I were having trouble getting financing due to our complicated situation. Marty came aboard and from thereon, the whole transaction moved smoothly forward, step by step, to a win/win conclusion for all. He and his team were very professional and I knew I could trust them. I highly recommend them.

Thanks again, Marty! - Marcia P.

I want you both to know how appreciative I am for your making the loan happen for our new house. On so many levels it’s a huge success for my wife and me to get the house.

Tax advantages, investment opportunity, making our cash assets productive, pride of ownership, credit boost, etc……it’s a big deal for us.

You both really went to bat for us on this and played a huge part in making it happen. The way you both solved each and every bump in the process was really great. You’re both pro’s at what you do.

Great working with you. I will refer anyone I come across to you!

Both my wife and I really are happy! - Michael W.


Marty is a mortgage wizard! He got us approved with the down payment we wanted and a better rate than expected, and he did it fast!

Applying for a mortgage can be a little traumatic, however Marty and his staff worked with us as part of our team and with a total can-do attitude to make it as smooth as silk.

I would very highly recommend Marty Prince to anyone looking to purchase or re-finance a home. If it can be done, he will do it!

- Jeff and Kelley P.


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