Do I Qualify?

Qualifying for a home loan is quite simple. There are three aspects that are looked at to determine your qualifications for a home loan.

The lender will look at your employment history to determine stability, your income compared to your debts to ensure that you can handle the loan and your credit history to determine how well you have managed your obligations in the past. 

These areas can seem daunting at times and can even cause one to shy away from trying to buy or refinance a home. With our experience and expertise, you don’t have to worry at all. We are able to answer your questions honestly and give you the straight data on your qualifications. We make it a smooth, frustration free process.

If you are not immediately qualified, we can help you with a plan of action to handle those things that are stopping you from doing so.

For a free qualification interview, please contact us at 714-289-1609 or email us.