Get HELP with your Home Loan!

Get HELP with your Home Loan!

What is a mortgage broker and why use one for your home loan?

A mortgage broker is a licensed and qualified professional in the field of home loans.

The job of a mortgage broker is to work with a borrower (whether it be a home buyer or a current homeowner who is refinancing) and help them obtain the best financing possible, get them approved and get their financing funded.

The mortgage broker gathers up all the needed documentation, presents this package to the lender, gets the approval and does all necessary steps to ensure successful closing.

Why use a mortgage broker?

  1. We answer your questions truthfully and return your calls quickly.
  2. We keep you informed and educated on the process. It can be tough to work through all the paperwork and terminology and the various actions of buying or refinancing a home. We are your guide through the process.
  3. As your mortgage broker, we don’t get paid a dime unless you successfully receive the financing you want. So, we are all on the same team and all working to ensure your success.
  4. You don’t pay more when you use a mortgage broker. Actually you routinely pay less than you would by going directly to a bank or lender.
  5. You receive the benefit of 30 years of lending experience when you use our services. I have successfully closed over 1500 loan transactions. I have experienced all the changes in lending over 30 years, and know all the important rules and guidelines. In short, I know how to get your loan approved and how to get it closed.
  6. We have all possible loan programs available to us. If you are a first time buyer we have the best programs for you. And, if your situation is rougher than others, we also know how to get those done.

There are many benefits and no down side to using the right mortgage broker. I think I am the right mortgage broker for you, your family and your friends.



Marty Prince
Mortgage Technology