Buy Your Dream Home in 2014!

Buy Your Dream Home in 2014!

Good news for anyone considering buying a home!


The last few years saw investors gobbling up every home they could get their hands on. They would beat out the individual buyers, swoop in with all cash, and take a large percentage of the homes available.

That trend is now reversing, and more and more homes are being purchased by first time home buyers, and those who are selling and moving up. Investors are buying less of the homes for sale.

I like this because it means I get to work with more young couples who are buying their first homes, and more families who are moving into larger homes. I like helping people buy homes and fulfill their dreams.

If you have considered buying a home, this is the time to do your research. Here are some of the features I can offer you in your financing:


Low down payment:  I have loan programs available with the lowest down payments. And, the down payment can even be a gift from family.

Low closing costs: I have loan programs where the lender will give you a credit toward a large portion of your closing costs.

Low interest rates: I am approved with many lenders, and have the best rates available to offer you.

Easy qualifying:                I have loan programs available for great credit scores, but also for those with former credit problems and low credit scores. Scores below 600 can still qualify.


So, if you have any interest in buying a home, contact me and we can get you qualified.

Work with someone you can trust.



Marty Prince